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What is Friends of the Civic Audiorium and why was it created?

FoCA is a new advocacy group dedicated to renovation of the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.


Why is the Civic Auditorium important?

The Civic Auditorium is the largest cultural and artistic events venue in Santa Cruz County. Approximately 85,000 attendees attend events at the Civic each year.


Why is Civic modernization important?

A regional destination and jewel of Downtown Santa Cruz, a renovated Civic will stimulate hearts and minds, as well as downtown restaurants and other businesses. Increased usage of the facility will drive positive cultural, social and economic impacts by drawing lively crowds who will enjoy popular and classical music, dance, comedy, literary and theatrical events, community dialog and much more.

How can I help the Civic’s renovation initiative?

There are many ways to get involved: volunteer your time to promote FoCA’s mission, advocate the importance of a Civic renovation to community leaders and donate to us. Learn more here.

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