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For more than 75 years, the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium has served as a cultural gathering place for our county.

Serving approximately 85,000 attendees annually, it is the largest cultural and artistic events venue in Santa Cruz County.

But the aging Civic is uncomfortable for most and unsafe for many. Once renovated, the Civic will serve expanded audiences and future generations to come as a vibrant and welcoming facility for artistic expression, dialogue and learning.

The Civic is unique in its size, its capacity to serve a multitude of performing arts and cultural needs, and its urban setting—thereby its impact on local business and economic vitality. However, identified challenges include audience accessibility and safety issues, and the inadequacies of the technical systems and backstage facilities.

Friends of Civic Auditorium is a community group that consists of champions from the City of Santa Cruz, nonprofit organizations, and community members and residents who believe the Civic’s best and brightest days are still ahead.  Join us today!


The time is now to


Friends of the Civic Auditorium (FoCA) is an advocacy group for the renovation of the Civic Auditorium. FoCA aims to increase community involvement in the efforts towards renovation. Learn more about FoCA here.

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